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1,000 Conversations

A podcast featuring Central Minnesota residents in conversations about race, relationships and belonging, powered by CentraCare.

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As a leading organization in the region, CentraCare has the privilege and responsibility to address the health needs – including physical and psychological safety – of Minnesotans in our region. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and want to encourage like-minded individuals and businesses to join us in this important work. This led us to 1,000 Conversations. The podcast series is designed to engage people who live, work or attend school in Central Minnesota in conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, race, and racism. Our hope is that each conversation will provide an opportunity for podcast listeners to deepen their understanding of the lived experiences and perspectives of People of Color who are living and working in Central Minnesota. It is easy for DEI concepts to feel theoretical. Our aim is to make them real. We hope 1,000 Conversation series helps you make personal commitments to change your own individual world and spark conversations in your own life — at home, work, school, church — anywhere you gather with people you care about. The series also provides a platform to shine a spotlight on the many ways people in Central Minnesota are already taking action and partnering for positive change.


of the lived experiences and perspectives of people of color in Central Minnesota.

Take the opportunity

to talk about racism, inclusion, equity and belonging.

Build and inspire

a more inclusive community and future conversations.

Engage and share

the good work with the broader statewide community.


1,000 Conversations is hosted by Anthony Gardner, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at CentraCare.

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Episode 1 - St. Cloud: Thursday, February 29 Episode 2 - Monticello: Thursday, March 14 Episode 3 - Willmar: Thursday, March 28 Episode 4 - Long Prairie: Thursday, April 11 Episode 5 - Sauk Centre/Long Prairie: Thursday, April 25 Episode 6 - Redwood Falls: Thursday, May 9

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