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Johanna Díaz Torres and Elizabeth Quillo

Johanna Díaz Torres and Elizabeth Quillo are co-owners of Vital Interpreting Delivering Access (VIDA), a local company in Central Minnesota providing in-person Spanish interpreting as well as written translations. VIDA’s mission is to empower and equip the Latinx community and create equity in wellness through language services and increased access to resources. Johanna has extensive experience working for the University of Puerto Rico for 17 years in translating and presenting documents as well as editing bilingual literary works. She earned her Bachelor's in Administration of Business Systems with her Master's in Public Administration from the University of Puerto Rico, the most competitive university in the Caribbean region. She is part of the Minnesota roster for state interpreters and has co-built the company of VIDA for the past three years. Elizabeth Quillo is a nationally-certified medical interpreter for Spanish. She has 24 years of experience as a medical interpreter and is a nutrition educator for the University of Minnesota’s Extension SNAP-Ed program. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Cross-Cultural Sociology with an emphasis in Latin America and Public Health Nutrition. She attended graduate school at Cornell University for International Community Nutrition with extensive research in Perú. Her background growing up in the eastern rainforest of Ecuador with medical missionary parents has given her bilingual skills and a unique understanding of culture.

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