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Dr. L.J. McIntosh


L.J. McIntosh, MD, specializes in family medicine and worked at CentraCare - Long Prairie in Long Prairie, Minnesota. Dr. McIntosh was born in the Bahamas and completed his undergraduate studies at John Hopkins University, attended Yale Medical School where he earned his Master of Health Science degree and completed his undergraduate studies at John Hopkins University. He was also Chief Resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. In Dr. McIntosh’s words, he was “by default, thrust into that role of being the representative for people of color.” His experience of being one of the only people of color while attending college continued as he progressed through academia and the professional world. This motivated him to be the voice at the table that could represent the views and perspectives of those not represented. That includes addressing misconceptions from peers, seeking to dismantle systemic barriers and speaking up when necessary, or “shaking the tree” as he says.

Since the time of this recording, Dr. McIntosh left CentraCare – Long Prairie to pursue additional specialized medical training.

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